Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, Francja

This semester I did an Erasmus+ internship in France, Pau. It was a very nice experience. It wasn`t my first internship, so that I had no problems to organize myself and by tickets and prepare my traveling well in advance.

Before my trip, I contacted the Erasmus coordinator at the receiving organization. She helped me to find an accommodation, and gave all the contacts I needed. I lived in dormitory, what was very convenient, because my working place was not so far from the place where I lived. My staying in the laboratory and work there was very interesting. The project I worked on was a new topic for me, so that’s helped me to understand, that I can learn fast, work productively and have a good results. I would say that this is the main goal of an internship- to understand what you are able to do and what not, what you would like to do in future and what not.

Pau is very small city (about 80000 people), so that there is not so many activities. But there is an Erasmus students group that is very welcome for new students. There are also language evenings in one bar in the town every Wednesday. It is possible to come there and learn a new language and teach other people Polish, or other language that you know. The Pau location is very good. There are about 100 km to Bordeaux and the same destination to Toulouse. The mountains are visible from Pau, at is possible to go skiing or snowboarding during the winter. Those cities are very beautiful and quite big. It is worth to see them. I also was in Bayonne that is nice touristic place with its own delicious chocolate.

I did an internship in the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in the laboratory of Bioinorganic Analitic Chemistry. The laboratory is really well equipped; it was possible to work with the most up-to-date instruments used in proteins separation and identification. The staff was very friendly. And supervisors were always helpful. They were teaching me a lot, showing what they know and helping to write my master thesis (my thesis is based on the results I got in this laboratory during the internship). 

I think the internship I did helped me to improve my language skills, I even learned a bit of French. Unfortunatelly, I spend there only three months, so that I wasn`t able to get involved into the French culture deeper. My project was not totally finished, but I had to come back to Poland.

I would recommend doing an Erasmus internship in Pau, France without any hesitations.

Viktoryia Liauchuk