Studies within Erasmus+ programme must be done in one of WUT partner university. Please check if university choosen by you has inter-institutional agreement with your Faculty.


Your study period abroad can last from a minimum of 3 months (or 1 academic term or trimester) to a maximum of 12 month.

You can benefit of an exchange abroad with Erasmus+ multiple times, either as a student or as a trainee, but your total time abroad (study abroad periods included) may not exceed 12 months within one cycle of study.


It is obligatory to have the status of a student during the all process of qualification. For students in the first cycle, you need to be at least in the second year of your studies.

Your period of study abroad must be relevant for your degree-related learning and personal development needs, and be part of the study programme that you are following.

At Warsaw University of Technology recruitment takes place once a year between February and April for the next academic year.

Applications may be submitted during recruitment time at your faculty (please contact your faculty coordinator).

Students who have already obtained a Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees scholarschip or an Erasmus Mundus Master Course / Joint Doctorate scholarschip are not eligible to apply for scholarschip within Erasmus+ programme.


Principles within Erasmus+ Programme Academic Year 2018/2018 - Studies


Recruitment criteria:

-          knowledge of a foreign language min B2 level (language in which you intend to study),

-          weighted average of grades from the entire course of studies,

-          student activity at WUT students organization (optional),

Each faculty can have their own additional criteria.


If you have successfully underwent Erasmus recruitment process at the faculty level, you need to comply with some formalities in the Centre for International Cooperation - Erasmus+ office.

No later than 29th June 2018 all recruited by the faculty students should submit to the Centre for International Cooperation, Erasmus+  office, ul. Noakowskiego 18/20, 6 floor, room No. 610, set of documents:

-          filled-in and signed Student Application Form,

Student_application_form (vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 33,17 kB)

-          Bank account form – form with your number account (with your Faculty coordinator signature),

Bank account form (vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 35,90 kB)


At least one month before the accepted studies is scheduled to begin, in order to sign the agreement and get the scholarship, please submit the following documents to the Erasmus+ office at WUT:

-          signed by three parties Learning Agreement for Studies,

Learning-agreement_studies (msword, 180,50 kB)

-          Acceptance Letter from host university,

-          “Wniosek S” with you faculty coordinator and Dean signature,

Wniosek_S (msword, 87,50 kB)

-          Proof of health, civil liability and accident insurance coverage for mobility period, including travel. You will need to submit proof of this on the day of signing the agreement, at the latest,

-          Authorization - If you are not able to sign agreement personally, please ask one of your colleague to do it instead of you. Fill Authorization form and submit with other document.

Authorization (msword, 28,00 kB)

After signing the agreement you will be paid 70% of awarded scholarship to your bank account, within 30 days.

The remaining 30% will be transferred after finishing your mobility and providing to Erasmus+ office required documents. We have 45 days to transfer the last installament into your account.

If you are not able to sign agreement personally, please ask one of your colleague to do it instead of you. In order to do that please fill Authorization form and submit with other document.


After return (within 10 days) student should deliver to Erasmus + programme office following documents:

-          Confirmation of stay at host university,

Confirmation of stay (msword, 23,00 kB)

-          Transcript of Records,

-          Bank account form,

Bank account form (vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 35,90 kB)

-          Memories from traineeship (practical information about internship place) send via mail to Erasmus+ office,

Practical tips form (vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 14,51 kB)

-          Certificate of recognition of study abroad from Faculty,

-          fill On-line survey (the link is send by system automatically on the last day of mobility),

-          fill On-line test after the mobility (send by the system automatically).



You may receive an Erasmus+ grant as a contribution to your travel and subsistence costs. It may vary according to differences in living costs between your country and the destination country.

Monthly grant - studies_2018 (pdf, 322,33 kB)

Irrespective whether you receive an Erasmus+ grant or are an Erasmus + -zero-grant student, you will sign a grant agreement specifying the duration of your mobility, the amount of the grant and other rights and obligations.

If you was nominated for Erasmus + mobility and because of some circumstances you can not take a part in it, please inform us and host university about your decision. Please fill Resignation form and submit it to Erasmus + office.

Resignation (msword, 38,50 kB)



If the main language of instruction or work during your period abroad is Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovak you will be asked to undertake an online linguistic assessment test. By taking this assessment before your exchange abroad, you will be able to determine your proficiency in the language you will use to study or work.

The results of this assessment test will only be available to you, your sending institution and the European Commission. As you have already been selected, the results of the language assessment will not prevent you from taking part in the mobility activity.

Based on your assessment results, you may be granted access to a free online language course before and during your stay abroad, in order to improve your language competences and help you get well prepared for your mobility abroad. Access to the course includes tutoring, forums, tips from former Erasmus+ students, and more.

Upon your return, you will be asked to take a final assessment which will allow you to measure the progress you made during your stay abroad.