Internship within Erasmus + programme

Students of Warsaw University of Technology can apply for a scholarship for an self-organized internship in one of the European countries which participate in the ERASMUS + programme. 

The Centre for International Cooperation can not arrange an internship placement for you. If you have already found a placement abroad in a European country, you can apply for an ERASMUS internship.  The restrictions on who you work for and where you work are fairly flexible – you can choose to work in most sectors, in private or public companies, schools, trade unions or non-profit organizations.  The receiving institution must be a foreign establishment, e.g. a company, research and development centre, non-profit organization or any other institution such as a library, hospital, museum, etc.


Principles within Erasmus+ Programme Academic Year 2018/2019 - Traineeships 


The list of companies/institutions that accepted our student in previous academic years. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT TRAINEESHIPS OFFER.

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Companies_institutions (pdf, 415,90 kB)


If the traineeship is done in other university, this institution must have a valid card of Erasmus + (Erasmus Charter of Higher Education - Echea) given by the European Commission.

A placement may not be carried out at European Union institutions, institutions managing EU programmes, or diplomatic representations of the student’s home country.

REMEMBER!!!! Work done as part of the placement period must be compatible with the student’s field of study.


Students may go abroad from 2 to 12 months.

The same student may receive grants for studying or being trained abroad totaling up to 12 months maximum per cycle of study.


It is obligatory to have the status of a student during the all process of qualification and during your traineeship.


Erasmus+ programme offers a traineeships to recent graduates. However, you must be selected by your higher education institution during your last year of study and you must carry out and complete your traineeship abroad within one year of graduating.


The maximum number of months cofinanced with the Erasmus+ programme at WUT is 3.

If you’re eligible for a grant, then you could receive up to €600 a month, depending on the country you visit, which should help cover accommodation and some living expenses.

At Warsaw University of Technology recruitment takes place once a year between March and April. Applications may be submitted during recruitment time at your faculty (please contact your faculty coordinator).

Recruitment criteria:

-          knowledge of a foreign language min B2 level.

Each faculty can have their own additional criteria.

Please submit the following documents to your Erasmus+ faculty coordinator during the recruitment process:

-          CV – we recommend Europass CV,

CV-Europass (msword, 111,50 kB)

-          Cover letter (Statement of motivation): Please explain your motivation for choosing internship within Erasmus+ programme (or exact internship if you’ve already found one). Please refer to your academic background and career goals. Why have you chosen an internship abroad in this company or organization? What is the relationship between your studies, this internship and your professional goals?

-          proof of language knowledge min. B2 (working language of the traineeship) - copy of Language certificate

-          optional signed Learning Agreement for Traineeships (if you’ve already found the internship) including confirmation of the internship by your employer and your department (the so-called "sending institution").

If you have successfully underwent Erasmus recruitment process at the faculty level, you need to comply with some formalities in the Centre for International Cooperation - Erasmus+ office.

No later than 29th June 2018 all recruited by the faculty students should submit to the Centre for International Cooperation, Erasmus+  office, ul. Noakowskiego 18/20, 6 floor, room No. 610, set of documents:

-          filled-in and signed Application form for Traineeship,

Application form (msword, 105,00 kB)

-          copy of the documents submitted at the faculty during recruitment process (CV, cover letter, language certificate),

-          optional signed Learning Agreement for Traineeships

Learning-agreement_traineeships (msword, 153,50 kB)

Meanwhile If you haven’t already found traineeship, try to find one.

To get scholarship you need to  bring to Erasmus+ office signed by you, your faculty coordinator and the receiving institution Learning Agreement for Traineeship. Please include the arranged dates of the traineeship (day/month/year).

The grants will be awarded among all recruited students, on the “ first come, first served” principle.

At least one month before the accepted internship is scheduled to begin, in order to sign the agreement and get the scholarship, please submit the following documents to the Erasmus+ office at WUT:

-          “Wniosek S” with you faculty coordinator and Dean signature,

Wniosek_S (msword, 87,50 kB)

-          Bank account form with your faculty coordinator signature – document with your number account,

Bank account details (vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 35,90 kB)

-          proof of health, civil liability and accident insurance coverage for mobility period, including travel. You will need to submit proof of this on the day of signing the agreement, at the latest,

-          certificate of student status from your dean’s Office.

After signing the agreement you will be paid 70% of awarded scholarship to your bank account.

The remaining 30% will be transferred after finishing your mobility and you submit required certificates and reports.

On return student should deliver following documents:

-          letter of confirmation from employer including exact period of internship in accordance with the Placement Agreement (submit original only) – third part of Learning Agreement After the Mobility

-          memories from traineeship (practical information about internship place)send via mail to Erasmus+ office,

-          fill on-line survey,

-          fill on line test after the mobility.


If the main language of instruction or work during your period abroad is Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovak you will be asked to undertake an online linguistic assessment test. By taking this assessment before your exchange abroad, you will be able to determine your proficiency in the language you will use to study or work.

The results of this assessment test will only be available to you, your sending institution and the European Commission. As you have already been selected, the results of the language assessment will not prevent you from taking part in the mobility activity.

Based on your assessment results, you may be granted access to a free online language course before and during your stay abroad, in order to improve your language competences and help you get well prepared for your mobility abroad. Access to the course includes tutoring, forums, tips from former Erasmus+ students, and more.

Upon your return, you will be asked to take a final assessment which will allow you to measure the progress you made during your stay abroad.

All Erasmus+ mobility participants, for all types of mobility, who scored C2 in their first language assessment, will not have to take a final language assessment.