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More than 130 representatives of the ten ENHANCE+ partner universities (see FILM) met in Berlin on February 22-23, 2024, to officially inaugurate the new phase of the project. It continues the activities carried out by the Warsaw University of Technology and the partner universities in the ENHANCE project in 2020-2023. The implementation time of ENHANCE+ covers the years 2023-2027.

See the report: WUT delegation at ENHANCE+ Kick-Off at TU Berlin, 22-23.02.2024.

The ENHANCE Alliance consists of 10 leading European technical universities:

- Berlin University of Technology,
- RWTH in Aachen,
- Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg,
- the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim,
- the University of Technology in Milan,
- the University of Technology in Valencia,
- Warsaw University of Technology,
- TU Delft University of Technology,
- Gdańsk University of Technology,
- ETH Zurich.

The consortium's universities educate nearly 293,000 students and hire about 63,000 employees. Over the past 5 years, nearly 4,500 of their employees and students have participated in various exchange programs between ENHANCE universities. Consortium members have obtained more than 4,050 patents.


The goal of ENHANCE is to create systemic, structural and sustainable cooperation between the consortium's universities, which will lead to new solutions beyond existing models of cooperation.


- to introduce innovative educational methods on a large scale,

- making it easier for students to choose subjects from the offer of partner universities,

- creating a system to support the mobility of the academic community,

- reducing bureaucratic barriers in the cooperation of partner universities.


Universities of the ENHANCE consortium cooperate with 30 associated partners: companies, city halls, student organizations, research networks, foundations and non-profit organizations.


For more information: https://enhanceuniversity.eu/


ENHANCE activities led by Warsaw University of Technology:


1. Educational strategy of the ENHANCE consortium

The strategy focuses on the joint educational offer of the partner universities; it outlines the 11 strategic educational goals of the consortium and the methods of achieving them.
More information: https://enhanceuniversity.eu/eleven-strategic-goals-european-higher-education/

2. Development and issuance of micro-certifications

3. Language Tandems

A project aimed at learning foreign languages in pairs consisting of students or employees from 7 European technical universities.
More information: https://www.enhance-tandems.pw.edu.pl/enhance_tandems

4. Certification programs

  • ENHANCE Certificate on Climate Action (ECCA) empowers you with essential knowledge and skills on climate change, tools and methods for adaptation and mitigation, and finally will give you the possibility to design and prototype your solution. More information: https://www.ecca.enhance.pw.edu.pl/
  • ENHANCE Certificate in Higher Education Teaching is intended for a large spectrum of academic staff with a diversified theoretical background and practical experience in teaching. It will foster the professional development of academic staff by providing them with various opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills. More information: https://www.chet.enhance.pw.edu.pl/

5. Summer and winter schools

  • Green Campus ENHANCE Summer School on Climate Change. Summer school on climate change issues. It was attended by students from all partner universities who worked in interdisciplinary groups. More information: https://summerschool.enhance.pw.edu.pl/
  • ENHANCE Winter School in Data Literacy. The Winter School in Data Literacy is a module of the ENHANCE Certificate in Data Literacy and will provide participants with the skills necessary to transform data into knowledge. Participants worked on the project challenge in Data Literacy under the supervision of academic teachers from Warsaw University of Technology, Technische Universität Berlin and Universitat Politècnica de València. More information: https://winterschool.enhance.pw.edu.pl/

6. Workshops

  • International ENHANCE Smart City workshop with an exhibition of student projects. On May 15-19, 2023. Warsaw University of Technology organised an international workshop "Smart Sustainable Cities & Communities - Phantom Menace or New Hope?" with the participation of 28 students from 8 universities and 6 countries. The workshop ended on May 19, 2023, with an exhibition of student projects, which was presented on the first floor of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science at WUT. In addition, a competition was held to select the best project. More information: CKLIK.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education. Workshop focused on the role and importance of artificial intelligence in higher education. Special attention was given to the challenges of using tools such as ChatGPT in education. More information: https://workshop.enhance.pw.edu.pl/AI-in-education/
  • Learning environments for alpha generation. The workshop was prepared by Warsaw University of Technology in cooperation with Valencia University of Technology. The workshop was devoted to creating innovative learning environments conducive to learning, tailored to the needs of the Alpha Generation. More information: https://workshop.enhance.pw.edu.pl/alpha-generation/
  • ENHANCE workshop on online learning and teaching. International workshop for academics on remote teaching. More information: https://workshop.enhance.pw.edu.pl/
  • Workshop for modular training toolkit for students engaged in ENHANCE activities. International online workshop for academics and students on creating guidelines to engage students in learning and knowledge transfer. More information: https://workshop.enhance.pw.edu.pl/toolkitstudentscocreation/

7. Competitions

  • ENHANCE GIRLS IN STEM. A competition aimed at female high school students selected by ENHANCE partner universities to promote ideas for solving environmental local problems that can have a global dimension. It aims to encourage girls to study science and technology. More information: https://www.girls.enhance.pw.edu.pl/page5.html
  • Falling Walls. On September 15, 2022, in the Small Hall of the Warsaw University of Technology took place the nationwide final of the FALLING WALLS LAB WARSAW competition. The competition was organized by the 'pro science' company with the participation of the Center for International Cooperation. The Warsaw University of Technology hosted the finals, and one of the substantive partners was the ENHANCE consortium. More information: HERE.

8. Mentoring

Creating a mentoring system to support start-ups emerging in the university ecosystem.
More information: https://mentoring.enhance.pw.edu.pl/

9. Information tool for service-learning and volunteering opportunities

  • Sevice-learning combines learning with the community service in order to provide the meaningful learning experience while managing real-life problems and meeting societal needs. It must, however, be stressed that service learning is not simply academic credit for volunteer work and service to society – the emphasis is on learning and specific learning outcomes are to be achieved by students. More information: https://enhanceuniversity.eu/service-learning-in-nutshell-toolkit/ 
  • Modular training toolkit for students engaged in ENHANCE activities. We propose the concept of a toolkit intended for students interested in engaging in ENHANCE activities. We present ideas, tips, and advice for organising processes that involve students in cocreating activities associated primarily with teaching and learning and with research to a lesser extent. We show examples of such activities currently taking place at the ENHANCE universities. More information: https://enhanceuniversity.eu/toolkit/ 

10. ENHANCE Staff Weeks

The goal of ENHANCE Staff Weeks is to build relationships among staff at partner universities, familiarize them with modernizing university administration, and foster their stronger commitment to embodying ENHANCE values. Staff Weeks 2 and 3, organized by Chalmers University and Warsaw University of Technology on April 26-28, 2022, focused on two thematic areas: The Innovative Learning Environments and The Education Pathways Towards Virtual Exchange.
More information: https://enhanceuniversity.eu/staff-week-kicks-off-at-chalmers/