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The ENHANCE Alliance consists of 7 leading European technical universities:
- Berlin University of Technology,
- RWTH in Aachen,
- Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg,
- the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim,
- the University of Technology in Milan,
- the University of Technology in Valencia,
- Warsaw University of Technology.

The Alliance educates a total of almost 230,000 students at the universities and employs ca. 45 000 people. Over past 5 years, 4,500 employees and students of ENHANCE have participated in various exchange programs between partner universities of the Alliance. The partners obtained a total of over 4,050 patents.

The aim of the ENHANCE project is building a systemic, structural and permanent cooperation between the Alliance universities, which will lead to development of new solutions that go beyond the existing models of cooperation.

The specific objectives adopted by ENHANCE universities include:
- introduction of innovative teaching methods on a large scale,
- facilitating a proces of choosing by students subjects from the offer of a partner universities,
- creating a system supporting mobility of the academic community,
- reducing bureaucratic barriers in the cooperation of the Alliance universities.

Universities of the ENHANCE Alliance cooperate with 30 associated partners: enterprises, city offices, student organizations, research networks, foundations and non-profit organizations.

More information: https://enhanceuniversity.eu/

Selected ENHANCE activities led by the Warsaw University of Technology:

1. Education Strategy of the ENHANCE Consortium
The strategy focuses on the joint education offer of the partner universities; it defines 11 strategic educational goals of the consortium and methods to achieve them.
More information: https://enhanceuniversity.eu/education-strategy/

2. Language Tandems
A project aimed at learning foreign languages in pairs of students or employees from 7 European universities of technology.
More information: https://www.enhance-tandems.pw.edu.pl/enhance_tandems

A competition addressed to female students from high schools chosen by the ENHANCE partner universities, promoting ideas for solving problems of the local environments, which can have a global dimension. Its goal is to encourage girls to study science and technology.
More information:  https://www.girls.enhance.pw.edu.pl/page5.html

4. Mentoring system for start-ups
Developing a system of international mentoring supporting start-ups emerging from the university ecosystems.
More information: https://mentoring.enhance.pw.edu.pl/

5. ENHANCE Staff Weeks in Gothenburg
The philosophy of ENHANCE Staff Week is to bring the employees of the partner universities closer together, to familiarize them with the ongoing modernization of university administration and to create a more substantial commitment to the Alliance values.
The staff weeks 2 and 3 organized by WUT and the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg on 26-28 April, 2022, have offered a broad overview of two subjects: The Innovative Learning Environments and The Education Pathways Towards Virtual Exchange.
More information: https://enhanceuniversity.eu/staff-week-kicks-off-at-chalmers/

6.  Green Campus - ENHANCE Summer School on Climate Change
A summer school focused on issues related to the climate change. Its attendents - students from all partner universities – have worked in the interdisciplinary groups.
More information: https://summerschool.enhance.pw.edu.pl/

7. ENHANCE workshop on on-line learning and teaching
The international workshops for academic teachers focused on distance learning.
More information: https://workshop.enhance.pw.edu.pl/

8.  Workshop for modular training toolkit for students engaged in ENHANCE activities
The international on-line workshop for academic teachers and students aimed at creating guidelines for engaging students in the learning provision process.
More information: https://workshop.enhance.pw.edu.pl/toolkitstudentscocreation/