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Education programmes

From 2014, Warsaw University of Technology, in cooperation with the Foundation for the Development of the Education System which supports actions aimed at reform and development of Polish education system, have been realizing the Erasmus+ programme.

Erasmus+ offers financial support for institutions and organizations acting in the area of education and training, youth and sport in Europe. As an answer to challenges indicated in strategic documents of the European policy (Europe 2020 above all), the programme has to contribute to development of skills of its participants and increase their chances for employment as well as to modernization of education systems, training and youth support.

The University Agency of Educational Programmes of the Centre for International Cooperation has been realizing Action 1 of the programme – educational mobility.

Employees of the University Agency of Education Programmes are responsible for administrating and maintaining contacts with receiving higher education organizations and enterprises where programme participants carry out their mobilities. They also deal with students and graduates who are abroad by providing them help, advice and support. The Agency is responsible for distribution of funding as well as allotting substantial and partial funding for these mobilities.

Warsaw University of Technology also participates in other educational programmes, eg. student exchange based on bilateral agreements (mostly with Far-Eastern countries) or the ATHENS Programme (advanced intensive technical courses). Centre for International Cooperation provides support to both, outgoing and incoming students at all stages of application process and during the course of their mobilities.