Incoming students

IMPORTANT! Please note that this section does not apply to Erasmus+ candidates. To learn more on this programme, please refer to section Erasmus+.



Overseas students who meet the following conditions are eligible to apply for the student exchange based on bilateral agreements:

  • Students must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate or graduate programmes at their universities (hereafter referred to as “Home Universities”) that undersigned an agreement on student exchange with Warsaw University of Technology (hereafter referred to as “Host University”).
  • Candidates for student exchange have to be officially nominated by their Home University.
  • Candidates must meet the application criteria of the Host University.
  • Exchange students are required to be proficient in English (or Polish).
  • The other requirements and specific terms of student exchange (exchange period, financial conditions, etc.) are regulated by the bilateral agreement between the Home and Host Universities.



Full offer is available at:

Students can choose subjects offered by one Faculty. One semester workload is approximately 30 ECTS.



Candidates must obtain a formal approval from the Home University. Applications will be accepted only on the basis of official nominations from a Home University. Home University Exchange Coordinators are kindly requested to complete the nomination sheet.

(Name of Home University) nomination sheet for bilateral student exchange (vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet, 10,54 kB)


Nomination deadlines:

  • by 8 May for recruitment for the winter semester and the whole academic year
  • by 2 November for recruitment for the summer semester

Nomination should be sent by email to:



To complete your application, please prepare the following documents that you will be required to upload in the system:

In the Learning Agreement students are requested to indicate a contact person from the receiving institution. Please choose a coordinator from WUT Faculty you have been nominated to:

Contacts (, 69,00 kB)



All nominated students must apply via online system: IRK.

Each year , the system will be open:

  • from 8 May to 9 June for recruitment for the winter semester (October - February) and the whole academic year
  • from 2 November to 30 November for recruitment for the summer semester (February - June).

The final decision of acceptance belongs to the Faculty that the candidate applied to. The recruitment results will be published on an ongoing basis on the IRK profile of each candidate. Accepted candidates receive an acceptance letter that may be used to apply for a visa. The acceptance letter will be sent by e-mail and by post to the Home University Exchange Coordinator after the recruitment process is completed.



Candidates will be able to apply for dormitory. They will have to submit their applications through Online Accommodation System. Detailed information will be sent directly to candidates.

The dormitory application procedure is fully arranged and run by Student’s Union Accommodation Committee.

Please note that all the dormitories are located off the campus.



Non-EU citizens need to apply for a visa before their arrival in Poland. In order to apply for a student visa, candidates need to receive an acceptance letter from Warsaw University of Technology which can be issued once all the application documents are submitted.

A  detailed  information on other requirements to obtain a student visa may be found on the official website of the embassy of the Republic of Poland in country of residence or on the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.



Exchange students are responsible for purchase of their own health and accident insurance before departure.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Public health service in Poland is free of charge if student has valid EHIC. Students may obtain it upon arrival in Poland in a branch of the National Health Fund. Please note that this is not the same thing as a health and accident insurance.



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