LLP-Leonardo da Vinci


Leonardo da Vinci programme was a part of EU education programme „Lifelong Learning Programme” which was beingcarried outfrom January 2007 to December 2013.

The programme was aimed at promoting staff mobility at European labour market and implementation of innovative educational solutions for raising professional qualifications. It also supported solutions for increasing transparency and recognition of vocational skills in European countries as well as actions reinforcing quality of vocational and continuous education.

The Leonardo da Vinci programme promoted innovative approach to vocational education and development so that the education systems could fulfill the needs of the labour marketat their best. Leonardo da Vinci also supported the staff mobility at the European labour market to allow the university graduates and employees acquire new qualifications during internships and work placements, and to develop their skills according to modern standards.It was also very important to build up the international openness and sensitivity, to encourageforeign language learning and to gain ability to adapt to working and life conditions in various European countries.

Warsaw University of Technologyparticipated in the Leonardo da Vinci programme, organizing work placements for the graduates. Our University run several mobility programmes:

  • Placements in Europe for WUT's graduates (WORK PLACEMENTS)
  • Placements abroad for WUT's graduates (PATH)
  • Foreign placements of WUT's graduates – the way to vocational career (WAY TO CAREER)

Within the framework of Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects, from 2007, 118 WUT graduates participated in vocational training in the EU countries.

Warsaw University of Technology also participated in another type of Leonardo da Vinciprojects, namelyTransfer of Innovations:

  • Common Learning Outcomes for European Managers In Construction II
  • Trans European Promotion of Public-Private Partnership - TEP PPP
  • Strengthening of European Union funds absorption capacity for infrastructure construction projects - TRAIN TO CAP
  • Common Learning Outcomes for European Managers in Construction III
  • Preventing Accidents in Construction - Health and Safety Multimedia Animated Learning – SHANIME
  • SKILLS – Steel Construction Industry Lifelong Learning Support
  • MBA in Construction – Postgraduate European Common Studies in Construction Project Management
  • ARCW - Health and safety procedures for curtain walls with the use of Augmented Reality Technology

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