Warsaw University of Technology offers studies in Polish as language of instruction, both, full-time and extramural, at three levels of studies:

  • first level studies: leading to Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree (lasting 3,5 or 4 years) or Bachelor of Arts degree (lasting 3 years); may be taken up by candidates who hold a Certificate of Secondary Education,
  • second level studies: leading to Master of Science or Master of Arts degree (lasting 1,5 or 2 years); dedicated to graduates of higher education institutions who hold B.Sc. diploma or any other equivalent diploma,
  • third level studies: leading to Ph.D. degree - available to applicants who hold a Master’s degree or the equivalent of the Polish higher education diploma entitling the holder to enrol in such programs in Poland, and who meet the admission conditions laid down by the specific institution.


Access to studies in Polish as language of instruction on the same terms as Polish citizens is open to:

  • persons holding Polish Charter,
  • citizens of: EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland,
  • foreigners having refugee status granted by the Republic of Poland
  • foreigners holding a residence permit
  • foreigners benefitting from temporary protection in the territory of the Republic of Poland.


More information and application instructions are available at:


Access to studies in Polish with omission of terms applied to Polish citizens, is open to remaining foreigners (non-EU citizens who do not hold Polish Charter and all candidates who undertake studies in Polish within the framework of governmental agreements between Poland and other country):

  • as a result of competition (free of charge, no scholarships or grants given); more information available at:
  • based on application (tuition-based); more information available at:,
  • on the basis of references from the Bureau for Academic recognition and International Exchange; such references may be claimed by the Polish diplomatic missions in the candidate’s country.



International Students Office

Zenoviya Shits

telephone: +48 22 234 6039