Community Workshop for Work Package "Diversity, Impact & Dissemination" in ENHANCE+

Dear ENHANCE Community, you are cordially invited to join us for an interactive online workshop on the 23rd of January 2024 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (CET), where we will delve into the exciting initiatives of the Diversity, Impact, and Dissemination Work Package (see the FILM) at ENHANCE.

WP10_Diversity, Impact and Dissemination 

Agenda Highlights:

- Introduction and Overview: A comprehensive overview of our work package's activities, as showcased in our recently launched explainer video.
- Interactive World Café Session: Engage in dynamic discussions in breakout rooms and share your perspectives in a collaborative and inclusive setting.
- Moderators: Melih Özkardes and Hannah Worringer, and breakout rooms will be facilitated by our work package colleagues.

Community Workshop for the Work Package - Diversity, Impact & Dissemination

Tuesday, 23th January 2024 - 2 pm to 5 pm CET

Diversity and Impact are overarching topics in our European University Alliance ENHANCE. With our Work Package activities we contribute to the discussions on diversity and impact as important cross-cutting topics in the wider European Higher Education landscape. Our workshop brings together diverse perspectives and provides an inclusive platform for exchange that is going to shape our work. 

The workshop aims to embrace the diversity within our community, as it is only through this inclusivity that we can achieve real impact in society.

For whom?
Everyone in our ENHANCE community is invited to share their ideas! We especially welcome 

- staff members at ENHANCE Universities from all levels (leadership, administrative, educational, and research staff),
- students from ENHANCE member universities (regardless of your level and field of study),
- our associated partners (We need you as well for a real impact).

On zoom: 

Meeting-ID: 284 659 0990 Password: 764332

How does the workshop look like?
We will engage in interactive discussions and breakout sessions to encourage meaningful contributions and collaboration.

Who are the organizers?
ENHANCE Alliance is hosting this workshop. Hannah Worringer and Melih Özkardes, the Work Package Leaders, are delighted to host you. You will also have the opportunity to meet other colleagues from our work package in moderated breakout rooms. The video gives you a comprehensive overview of our Work Package: 

This workshop is an opportunity for you to actively contribute to the ongoing dialogue and development of our work package. Your insights are invaluable, and we look forward to hearing your perspectives. 

Please use the form here to register. You can forward this link to your fellow students and colleagues. 

We look forward to your active participation and a fruitful discussion