Jerusalem-Galilee Engineers Study Abroad program for the Spring 2018 semester

We are pleased to announce that Braude College is offering now an extended Jerusalem-Galilee Engineers Study Abroad program for the Spring 2018 semester. This Hebrew University/Braude College joint program is scheduled to start in Jerusalem (Mini-Semester) on February 26th, 2018, followed by the engineering semester starting on March 15th , 2018.

Jerusalem-Galilee Engineers is an innovative program offered by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Braude College. The semester-long program, conducted in English, is designed for engineering students in their third or fourth year of studies. Participants take accredited courses in engineeringand other academic subjects. Ample opportunities are available to become acquainted with the vibrant, multifaceted State of Israel, and its people.

The program begins with a two-week mini-semester at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where students take an introductory course in Israeli Society. The course includes stimulating study tours throughout Jerusalem and other parts of the country. The program continues in Karmiel, the “capital” of the Galilee, at Braude College. At this topnotch technological institution, students study engineering courses for 16 weeks. They also take part in the unique Study in Advanced Industry program, in which they visit leading high-tech companies.

Please note: Students from Warsaw University of Technology  can participate in the mini-semester course at the Hebrew University without paying tuition fees – this is a special arrangement in order to encourage students from Europe to participate in the Jerusalem-Galilee Engineers program in 2018. The students will have to pay only for the dormitory cost.

For details please see the brochures attached on website: