The Social Media Challenge "Welcome to my university" - DEADLINE 9th of April 2023

We encourage students of Warsaw University of Technology to take part in the competition organized by the ENHANCE Alliance entitled "Welcome to my university" - The Social Media Challenge.


The main goal of this competition is to create a sense of identification with ENHANCE among the student community and a sense of belonging to a large alliance of European technology universities.

To participate in the contest, you need to prepare a short video (20-40 seconds) presenting your university and encouraging students from other universities to study there.

Students who want to participate must:

 Post their videos on Twitter or Instagram until April 9th, 2023 with the hashtag: #enhancealliance.
• Mention the ENHANCE account of the social network in which they participate:  @enhancealliance (Instagram) or @ENHANCEAlliance (Twitter).
• Follow the ENHANCE account of the social network on which they post their video.

The five videos that receive the most likes will go to a second phase in which a jury will check the identity of the accounts to ensure they are students from ENHANCE universities. This panel of experts will finally choose the two winners of the Social Media Challenge.

The Challenge will award two similar prizes to two different winners: a 3-day trip to Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).

The publication of the winning students will be made through the ENHANCE Alliance social media 19th April 2023.

Before joining the competition, read the RULES.
More information: HERE.