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About us

Warsaw University of Technology is vividly responding to changes in education, research and internationalisation, and through the understanding of the realities of today's world – increase in global population and growing tendencies to enhance the society’s prosperity, the University continuously uses its best endeavours to make its mark in the technological development worldwide.


International partnerships, continuous quality improvement and a stronger profile – these top priority areas are heavily emphasized and developed in order to enhance the position of WUT as a leading university of technology and attain its long-term goal – internationalization and integration of political, economic and academic network.


The international activity of the Warsaw University of Technology is organised and supported by the Centre for International Cooperation. Its task is to enhance the academic and scientific cooperation of the entire University with HEIs and industrial partners from all over the world, as well as to promote and facilitate the process of internationalization of WUT in accordance with the EU standards.


The Centre is responsible for the coordination of:

  • European research programs
  • EU and international educational programs
  • international grants
  • bilateral and multilateral agreements with foreign institutions
  • scholarships and internships for academic staff and students
  • recruitment and registration of foreign students
  • delegations and visits of representatives of international academia and industry.


The Centre is composed of 5 sub-units:

  • Main Office manages the process of preparation and reviewing of international agreements and is responsible for the organization of official visits by international guests.
  • University Contact Point for European Research Programs (UPK) deals with European Union research and development programs.
  • University Agency for European Educational Programs (UAPE), is in charge of international educational programs, such as Erasmus +.
  • Office for Academic Mobility (BWZ) deals with student and academic staff mobility.
  • International Students Office (ISO) is in charge of the recruitment and registration procedures for international students, informative meetings, adaptation services and cultural events.


Within a broad scope of international activities of the Centre for International Cooperation, conducted in collaboration with numerous foreign institutions, the Centre is also involved in a range of measures and schemes which promote the University abroad. The representatives of the Centre regularly attend international educational events taking place in China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey and more. Annual study visits to foreign HEIs also contribute to the enhancement of the internationalization of the University.


Due to extensive professional and personal contacts established and maintained by the Centre for International Cooperation, as well as the membership in various international organizations and associations, the level of student and staff mobility is continuously increasing. Currently, a bigger number of students receive international scholarships. The website of the Centre regularly displays information on foreign exchange programmes, scholarship offers and various international activities addressed to the students and staff of WUT.


Each year, due to the initiative of the Centre for International Cooperation, WUT hosts a high number of visits by foreign delegations, which result in the establishment of significant partnerships and signing of collaboration agreements, and at the same time building a strong network of international contacts.


Warsaw University of Technology puts special emphasis on its students’ and workers’ participation in international exchange programmes and internships, to make studies at WUT open doors to global labour markets. WUT offers a broad range of international and European exchange programmes for the students, teaching staff and researchers. WUT holds over 30 active bilateral agreements focused on student exchange. In addition, our students can take part in summer exchange programs organized by many faculties, in cooperation with numerous foreign universities of technology.


WUT’s acclaimed reputation is proved by more than 120 international academic and research cooperation agreements with universities, research centres and high-tech industries from 50 countries all around the world (with China, Russia and Japan topping the list).