Education Fair in India

Education Fair in India

Between 26th September and 4th October 2016, a representative of Centre for International Cooperation,  Mr. Łukasz Wojdyga and Mr. Karol Maśluszczak, participated in Education Fair in Delhi.

Since 2012 Warsaw University of Technology gains on large popularity in India. This is due to the fact that our offer meets the demands of Indian education market and also the attractive cost of studying and living in Poland. Currently there are over 400 students from the region.

One of the main goals of the delegation was to represent Warsaw University of Technology at European Higher Education Fare (EHEF). The aim of the NGO EHEF and the fair is to present the offers from Universities from European Union, where the internationalization of studys is under heavy development. It was the last edition of this type of exhibition due to the finalization of the budget.

The second, equally important goal was to clarify several issues of visa procedures for our candidates and to create a direct relationship with two Consulates of Poland - in Delhi and Mumbai.

The delegation had the opportunity to meet with representatives of both institutions, which resulted in establishing a plan of exchange-information system directly between the recruitment office and the appropriate Consul issuing visas. University will send the list of accepted students on the basis of which Consulates will set appointments.

Due to the size of India, Warsaw University of Technology - despite the growing popularity, is known mainly in the southern part of the country. The trip gave us a chance to present the University and Poland in the northern region. During the fair our team had the opportunity to talk with recruitment agencies also very characteristic for the education market in India. In the near future Center for International Cooperation is planning actions aimed at selecting the best possible representatives.