Report on Participation in EHEF fair in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, march 2016

Between 8th and 14th March, the representatives of Centre for International Cooperation, Ms. Katarzyna Janiga and Ms. Małgorzata Musińska, paid a visit to the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The main aim of the visit was participation in EHEF exhibition on 12th and 13th of March.

The EHEF fair was organized in the framework of a project financed by European Union. The aim of the fair was to promote possibilities of studying in Europe among Malaysian students. The fair was attended by 100 exhibitors – European HEIs, embassies and ministries of education as well as Delegation of the European Union to Malaysia. Countries with the biggest number of exhibitors included France (17 universities), Ireland (11 universities) and Poland (9 universities and Ministry of Science and Higher Education). The event took place in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre located in the heart of the city. The booth of WUT was being visited by around 100 visitors, both Malaysian students as well as students of other nationalities who currently study in Kuala Lumpur but want to continue their further studies in other country. The most inquiries were made about Aerospace Engineering, Power Engineering, Computer Science and Mechatronics. What caught a lot attention from the visitors were audio-visual materials: WUT promotional video and the testimonial video of a Malaysian WUT student. Some of the students showed great interest in the universities and declared their will to apply to WUT in the next intake. We hope they will soon join our university.

On the days before the main EHEF fair event the delegation took part in promotional meetings and activities in local colleges, universities and recruitment agencies.

On 9th of March the delegation took part in a mini fair event in one of the oldest international British curriculum based schools in Asia – Alice Smith International School. The aim of the mini fair was to talk directly to students of the school interested in starting their university education abroad and to give them information about the University, offer of studies and application procedures. During the fair, the WUT representatives made contact also with a local educational consultant agency Easy Study Solutions, which promotes over 50 HEIs from Europe, Asia and Australia.

On 10th of March the representatives participated in three meetings. The first meeting was held at Adroit College, which provides pre-university education (pre-university programmes, foundation in science) for Malaysian students who wish to undertake university studies in the future, both in Malaysia and abroad. Second meeting took place at University of Malaya with representatives of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Andri Andriyana, Dr. Tan Chou Yong, Dr. Ang Bee Chinn and a representative of International Student Centre, Mrs. Nur Azwa Faharudin. During the meeting, representatives of both universities discussed possibilities of cooperation, mostly in the area of student exchange programs.

In the afternoon another meeting was held, at Methodist College – a college in Kuala Lumpur offering pre-university education. Following a meeting with Mr. Joshua Johnson from international office, the WUt delegates met with a group of students interested in studying in Poland. The students were given a presentation about the university, offer of studies in English and steps of application procedures. They also had a chance to see a promotional movie of WUT and a testimonial video of a student from Malaysia who started his studies at WUT’s Faculty of Civil Engineering in October 2015 and who is a graduate of the Methodist College. The programs which gained the biggest interest among the students at the college were Aerospace Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Electrical Engineering. After the presentation students asked additional questions about application, documents, studies, legal regulations of visas and life in Poland. At the end of the meeting students were given WUT t-shirts and bags.

On 11th of March another mini fair event was organized at National University of Malaysia (UKM), aimed at students interested in undertaking Master studies in Europe. After the fair, WUT representatives met the coordinator of the Faculty of Engineering of UKM, Dr. Mohd Fais Mansor, and discussed possibilities of cooperation in the area of bilateral exchanges and other student mobility programs.


Mini Fairs at Alice Smith International School, Kuala Lumpur (9.03.2016)



Alice International Smith School, Kuala Lumpur (9.03.2016)



University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur (10.03.2016)



Methodist College, Kuala Lumpur (10.03.2016)


Methodist College, Kuala Lumpur (10.03.2016)



Mini Fairs at National University of Malaya (11.03.2016)



EHEF Fairs at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (12-13.03.2016)



Mini Fairs at National University of Malaya (11.03.2016)


EHEF Fairs at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (12-13.03.2016)



EHEF Fairs at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (12-13.03.2016)