Report on WUT visit to Indonesia, March 2017

A delegation of WUT Centre for International Cooperation consisting of Mrs. Dominika Frąk-Dudzińska and Ms. Małgorzata Musińska visited Indonesia between 21st and 31st of March 2017. The visit was aimed at promoting WUT in local high schools, visiting WUT’s partner university in Surabaya and establishing new contacts with other HEIs.

High schools visited during the trip included schools of various profiles (public and private) and curriculums (Indonesian national, international, American). WUT representatives met mostly with the school’s counsellors who play an important role in the decision-making process of their students as for choosing universities for their future education.

Various HEIs were visited as well, including two Polytechnic institutes, which offer vocational education, University of Indonesia, which is one of the best and prestigious universities in the country, and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), WUT’s partner institution. During the meetings, WUT representatives were accompanied by local recruitment agency Representative Indonesia which has been supporting WUTs promotional activities in Indonesia for several years already.

Indonesia is a promising market for student recruitment. The local middle class is developing  fast and an increasing number of parents is interested in sending their children to study abroad. The most popular destinations are still Australia and U.S., while when it comes to Europe, Indonesian students tend to choose Netherlands and Germany. Poland is still not widely known as a potential study destination. Our promotional activities in the country aim at developing awareness of study opportunities in Poland and at WUT among potential candidates.

WUT Centre for International Cooperation is planning to continue the activities in Indonesia and participating in two up-coming events this year: Polish Higher Education Fair in Jakarta in September 2017 and international European Higher Education Fair in couple of Indonesian cities in November 2017.