Report on participation in EAIE Conference, the Czech Republic 2014

On May 16th – 19th, 2014, a Warsaw University of Technology delegation represented by:

  • Roman Podraza, PhD, Associate Professor (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology),
  • Mrs. Małgorzata Domańska (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology),
  • Mrs. Dominika Frąk - Dudzińska (Centre for International Cooperation)

was in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, participating in the 26th Annual EAIE – European Association for International Education Conference

EAIE Conference is the largest international event in Europe dedicated specifically to internationalisation of higher education issues. It’s a platform that enables people involved in the internationalisation process to exchange new ideas, good practices and innovations in this field. The exhibition held at the event allows all the participating Higher Education Institutions to present their countries’ offers.

At this year’s conference, held under the theme of „Stepping into a new era”, there were present over 5000 participants from 90 countries. There were over 170 sessions, 29 workshops and 4 dialogues held. Representatives of WUT took part in the following sessions:

  • Korea’s Global University Campus: European and American perspectives
  • Managing risks in student mobility: good practices
  • Internationalisation strategies: best practices on national and institutional levels
  • U-Multirank: first results and lessons learned
  • Metrics of success in international student recruitment
  • Erasmus Impact Study: results unveiled
  • Destination anywhere: how students decide where to study
  • Erasmus+: towards stronger and innovative structural cooperation

Participants of the conference had a possibility to take part in one of the 6 visits to Czech university campuses,in order to get familiar with the local education system. We decided to visit the campus of Czech Technical University in Prague – the partner institution of WUT involved in different programs of international cooperation (including: Erasmus Mundus, LLP-Erasmus, ATHENS, Cooperation Platform of Central and East European Metropolitan Universities of Technology). During the visit we were presented with some information about the university and its achievements, with particular reference to international cooperation. Furthermore, we visited the Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction, where we had a chance to see the effects of cooperation with artists (a film presenting dancers, whose moves stimulate changes displayed on an electronic surface). We had also a possibility to see a three-dimensional layout of Prague using special glasses). While visiting the Department of Measurement, we had a chance to see a flight simulator, which made it possible to fly over Prague on one’s own.

There is also a modern National Technical Library (see the picture below) at CTU campus, which was also visited by our representatives.


Participation at the EAIE conference was a great opportunity to tighten contacts with partners from all over the world. We took part in the meetings with representatives of the following institutions:

  • Kyungpook National University (South Korea)
  • University of Ulsan (South Korea)
  • University of Ljubljana(Slovenia)
  • Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Tampere University of Technology (Finland)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)
  • University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

The meetings were mainly related to the current cooperation and its future development vision.

In the picture: Dominika Frąk - Dudzińska (WUT) and Won - Kyo Jung (UoU)