Report on participation in EDUFAIRS and meetings, Turkey 2014

On October 19th – 27th, a representative of Centre for International Cooperation of Warsaw University of Technology, Ms. Agata Wierzbińska, participated in education promotion EDUFAIRS fairs, as well as in the individual meetings with potential candidates for studies conducted in English language at WUT in 3 cities of Turkey: Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul.

On October 19th there were the first EDUFARIRS fairs held in the capital of Turkey, Ankara. The fairs were held at Hilton hotel located in the city centre, a very convenient location for participants and visitors. During the fairs Ms. Agata Wierzbińska was accompanied by a representative of one of the recruitment agencies from Ankara, with whom WUT has been successfully cooperating in the field of recruiting Turkish students – UNITED TOWERS. The offer of WUT excited great curiosity of the visitors and, what is worth mentioning, the vast majority of them – about 80%, were interested in graduate studies – those were the students or graduates from universities such as for example Middle East Technical University. Among programs that attracted a lot of attention were: Management, Power Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering.

On October, 20th Ms. Wierzbińska traveled to Izmir for the second part of the fairs, which was also held at Hilton Hotel located in the city centre. This time she was also accompanied by a representative of the agency UNITED TOWERS. The programs that turned out to be most popular among students were Global Production Engineering and Management, Civil Engineering and Photonic Engineering as well as English B2 preparatory courses.

After the fairs in Izmir, Ms. Wierzbińska travelled to Istanbul where she participated in 3 fairs days as well as in the individual meeting with students, together with representatives of a recruitment agency from Istanbul, Truva Education Services, with whom WUT has been cooperating voluntarily for enrollment of Turkish students for undergraduate and graduate studies as well us for English B2 preparatory courses. The fairs were organized in two locations: on October 23rd at Wyndham Hotel in the Asian side of the city and then, on October 25th-26th at Marmara Hotel situated on Taksim Square - a very convenient location for participants and visitors.The offer of WUT drew a lot of interest– the Turkish students were making a lot of questions not only about the studies and programs, but also regarding the life in Poland and Warsaw, accommodation possibilities, students life, costs of living, etc. Also this time students were mostly interested in the offer of graduate studies – the WUT stand was visited most frequently by students and graduates of the largest technical universities of Instanbul such as Istanbul Technical University and Yildiz Technical University. Among those interested, there were students willing to continue their studies at Management, Global Production Engineering and Management, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering programs.

On October 27th, Ms. Wierzbińska visited the main office of TRUVA agency in order to provide more specific information and assistance to several potential candidates who were present at the WUT stand during the fairs.

On October 28th, Ms. Wierzbińska took her trip back to Warsaw.