Report on participation in "Education Abroad" and information meetings, Ukraine, April 2016

On 13-16 April 2016,  Ms. Zenoviya Shits from the Centre for International Cooperation, WUT was representing the University at the international educational fairs  "Education Abroad" in Kyiv. The

The annual fairs held in Kyiv are the biggest event of the year, promoting Ukrainian and foreign universities.

Exclusive stand of Warsaw University of Technology was located, as usual, in the "Polish alley" and attracted great interest among the candidates. Even after working hours,  the stand was surrounded by many young people -students and their parents. A rich offer of WUT educational  programmes and the unique opportunity to study free of charge (a competion-based application) each year attracts an increasing number of candidates from Ukraine, definitely one of the largest group of foreign students at WUT.

During the stay, Ms. Zenoviya Shits met with candidates from a language school, "Slavic Languages Centre" and students of National Technical University ‘KPI’.

During the stay in Kyiv, we also managed to establish many new contacts with representatives of schools, universities and companies to promote studies in Poland.