Report on participation in GHEDEX, Oman 2015

Between 20 and 22 April 2015, a representative of Centre for International Cooperation, Mr Karol Maśluszczak, participated in GHEDEX educational fairs organized in Muscat, capital of Oman.

Over the past few years, our University has become very active in the region of Arab countries and our offer is becoming popular there. Oman is one of the destinations which the Centre for International Cooperation prioritises for recruitment actions. Since 2012 our University also cooperates with the Ministry of Higher Education, which enlisted our university as one of the destinations for students benefiting from a government scholarship. Currently, at WUT there are more than 40 students from Oman.

GHEDEX is one of the largest and the most important educational events in the region. Just this year more than 200 universities attended it, from 24 countries. Poland was represented by Warsaw University of Technology and University of Warsaw. Students from Arab countries are very interested in studying abroad. Through various scholarships and government funds, many students can pursue their educational plans almost anywhere in the world, hence our presence there is very important.

Warsaw University of Technology offer was met with great interest from PhD and second degree candidates. In Oman, a large number of expatriates is present, mainly from India. In this regard, Mr. Karol Maśluszczak met with few representations of Indian schools in Muscat. A meeting was held with students from India School Muscat (with Dr. V. Prshob).