Report on participation in Polish Education Fair in Jakarta

Between 19 and 25 September 2017, representative of the Center for International Cooperation, Mr. Karol Maśluszczak participated in the Polish Education Fair in Jakarta.

Since around two years, our University has been active in the South East Asian region. Indonesia is one of the countries in which the Center for International Cooperation conducts recruitment and marketing activities. It is a relatively new potential market for our University. Indonesia has a very large population and a relatively insufficient educational offer of technical subjects, especially on the specialized doctoral level.
The Polish Education Fair was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Poland, in cooperation with the Conference of Rectors of Polish Academic Institutions called KRASP. It was divided in to two parts, a formal event during which delegates from Poland were able to present their universities in front of employees of ministries and local educational institutions and the second part, dedicated to potential candidates and recruitment agencies.
The delegation to Indonesia, apart from promotional and marketing activities, was also focused on continuation of process of getting the authorization for our University at the Indonesian Government's Scholarship Program. Most students who go abroad choose Australia and the United States, where the cost of education are very highest in the World. Taking into account the broad offer of the Warsaw University of Technology and the relatively low costs of not only studying but also living, we have a very good chance of becoming a noticeable partner in the Indonesian market.
The Polish Education Fair was a great opportunity to present our University to local candidates, institutions and companies. The facts that our public university is the best technical institution, providing solid education and a low cost of studying and living in Poland, were definitely an asset, making Warsaw University of Technology very interesting to many visitors.