Oferta studiów w ORT Braude College w Israelu

Uniwersytet Hebrajski w Jerozolimie jest multidyscyplinarnym uczelnią oraz centrum naukowym o międzynarodowej renomie. Zajmuje czołowe miejsce wśród wiodących uniwersytetów.

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z ciekawą ofertą studiów jednosemestralnych.

A. Jerusalem-Galilee Engineers Study Abroad program – Spring Semester 2017 (see attached brochure): The program consists of two parts: a mini-semester at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (optional), and an engineering semester at Braude College (main program - please find detailed information in the brochure ). Students from your university who wish to skip the mini-semester at the Hebrew University may come directly for the engineering semester at Braude College.


B. Biomechanical Engineering program – We are also offering a joint program by the University of Pittsburgh and Braude College which will be carried out in Israel. The program will include engineering courses along with "general" courses that have an Israeli flavor to them, and which can be better taught at Braude College. The program is based on a subset/selection of courses from those listed in the spring semester brochure, and will include:

1.  A course that Prof. Harvey Borovetz from the University of Pittsburgh will teach in his field of artificial hearts (including an interface with Israeli hospitals).

2.  Biomaterials – metals, ceramics, polymers and composites in the service of the human body

3.  Rehabilitation – the Israeli experience

4.  Study in Selected Advanced Israeli Industries – which includes lectures by industrialists, and visits to Israeli factories/companies (5-6 during the semester)

5.  Culturing Animal Cells – practical and theoretical aspects of culturing

animal cells.

6.  Introduction to Israeli Society – general studies

7.  Basic Hebrew – voluntary course – tuition fee for this course is  $350.


C. Mini-internship (optional) – we will be offering students who want to enroll in the Study Abroad program at Braude College, an optional 4-6 weeks mini-internship opportunity before the Spring Semester, which will begin in March 2017.


Students who will participate in the biomechanical spring semester program can also take other courses offered in the general spring semester.


Contact person in Israel:

Professor Samuel Gazit, PhD

International Relations Office, Director

Department of Mechanical Engineering

ORT Braude College

P.O.Box 78, Karmiel 21982 Israel


Fax:  (972)-4-9901886