Incoming students






Dear Students,

Thank you for choosing ATHENS courses offered by the Warsaw University of Technology. Below please find some information that will be useful for you during your stay in Warsaw.



We expect you on Saturday, March 17th. Suggested latest time of arrival is 13.00.

You can also arrive on Friday, March 16th, if it is more convenient for you, as rooms can be available starting from Friday afternoon.

Please note that currently we have two airports that can be considered as “Warsaw airport”:

  • Warsaw Chopin Airport – located within the city, approx. 10 km from the city centre,
  • Mazovia-Warsaw Airport Modlin – located outside the city in, approx. 40 km from the city centre.

Please bear it in mind that it takes much more time to get to city centre from the Modlin airport than from the Chopin airport.

How to get from the airport to the city centre:

From Warsaw Chopin Airport: 

From Mazovia-Warsaw Airport Modlin



To find out how to get to the hostel please visit website of the hostel, where you may find some instructions:

You may find more details on public transportation in Warsaw at

All students are kindly asked to buy a daily ticket at the airport. It is a bus + tram + metro ticket. This would help the EDA organisers to swiftly and ably coordinate social events and to avoid unnecessary delays. 



  1. 1.      Hostel Kanonia: 2, Jezuicka Street


  1. 2.      One of apartments located within the Old Town Area


Price per person for one night is 60 PLN (breakfast not included). Payment in cash (PLN) at check-in.

Keys to apartments will be available at the Kanonia Hostel’s reception desk.

All students will be informed via e-mail about a place of accommodation. An e-mail will be sent approx. 5 days before beginning of the session.

 Please note that hostels do not provide towels. Please bring your own towels.



As you will be using public transportation, obviously you need to have tickets.

DURING THE WEEK: A regular single ticket costs 4,40 PLN and allows you to travel for up to 75-minutes using any means of transportation within zone 1. There are also 20-minute ones that cost 3,40 PLN (works for both zones). However, if you know you will be travelling around our beautiful city a lot, it will pay off more to buy a daily ticket, which costs 15,00 PLN and allows you to use all means of transportation for the next 24 hours (within zone 1). There is also a 3 day ticket, which costs 36,00 PLN and allows to use all means of transportation for the next 72 hours (within zone 1).

Unfortunately, according to urban transportation regulations, you are not permitted to travel with reduced fare tickets. Therefore you have to buy standard fare tickets.

All the additional necessary information is to be found at:

Tickets can be bought in shops, kiosks or ticket vending machines. It is very important to buy them upon your arrival. You can also buy tickets by using application called, which is very useful during city sightseeing.



An official currency in Poland is ZŁOTY (PLN). It is a currency that you will be expected to pay with in hostel, museums, shops, restaurants etc. Exchange rate of 1,00 EUR is approximately 4,20 PLN.



On Saturday, March 17th the welcome meeting will take place. Representatives of WUT Students' Union are organizing for you a dinner and a party in a club so that you had a chance to get to know each other and integrate.

On this occasion, we will also inform you about some organizational matters and collect money for European Dimension Activities.

Meeting time and place: 17:15 at the hostel.



Courses officially start on Monday, March 19th.

In the morning, representatives of WUT Students’ Union will pick you up from hostel and take you to the Electronics Building (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology), ul. Nowowiejska 15/19, 00-665 Warsaw, where the official opening of the ATHENS Programme March 2018 session will take place at 8.00.



Starting with dinner and integration party on Saturday, WUT has planned for you a wide range of social and cultural activities. During the week, the evening activities will be
organized by the local students (WUT Students' Union). You will receive detailed schedule during the Welcome Meeting.

We also kindly invite to join our Facebook group:

For those, who will come on Friday the Representatives of WUT Students' Union will organize daily activities. Please let us know about this fact. Details will also be available on Facebook.

The cost of European Dimension Activities is  170 PLN (approx. 40 EUR) -  to be paid in cash in PLN during the welcome meeting. Please have the exact amount as we might not have enough change.



During the week you will have to manage the meals on your own. Please be informed that the regular meal in a restaurant typical for Polish students costs 15 - 30 PLN. Some examples: kebab: 10 - 15 PLN, pizza: 25 - 40 PLN (large size for 3 - 4 people). In WUT Bistro (in the Main Building) a student dinner costs 18,50 PLN. Special offers in restaurants during the week and  recommended places to eat next to WUT will be available on Facebook.



March 2018 ATHENS Programme session officially ends on Friday, March 23rdAt 16.30 the closing meeting will be organized for you in Electronics Building (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology), ul. Nowowiejska 15/19, 00-665 Warsaw.

You are also invited to the Farewell Party, which is to take place in the evening. Details will be specified in the schedule of EDA. We are asking you to take formal and casual suit for example shirts and skirts.



Saturday, March 24th,in the morning. 



To be used only in case of emergency!

In case of emergency please contact:

+48 504 174 054 – Dominika Frąk - Dudzińska, ATHENS Programme Coordinator (mobile), e-mail:

+48 696 955 699 – Agnieszka Litych - representative of WUT Students' Union, organizer of European Dimension Activities (mobile), e-mail:

+48 692 901 614 – Adam Miśkiewicz - representative of WUT Students' Union, organizer of European Dimension Activities (mobile), e-mail:

Feel free to contact us via SMS or on the ATHENS group on Facebook. We will answer as soon as possible.

In case you have any questions before your arrival, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are looking forward to meeting you at Warsaw University of Technology.