Visit of delegation from University of Pretoria

Visit of delegation from University of Pretoria

On 11th of July 2016 Warsaw University of Technology hosted a group of 18 academic members of University of Pretoria (South Africa) who participate in Programme of Academic Leadership.

The aim of the Programme of Academic Leadership is to raise qualifications in the area of management, to share knowledge and leadership  skills which will help the participants in their in their professional development, as well as to train staff for academic leaders. The Programme, launched in 2012 at a leading business school in South Africa – Gordon Institute of Business Science, is fully adjusted to the specifics of higher education sector and embraces  topics related to management of scientific research, efficient acquisition of funds, cooperation with business and external partners as well as internationalization of HEIs. This year Poland was selected as a case study to be explored by the participants. Three leading Polish HEIs were chosen for the visit: Warsaw University of Technology, University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

According to the organizers of the Programme, Poland can serve as a model of development of higher education sector in the period of transformation after the fall of communism in 1989. Similar changes have been occurring at South African HEIs from 1993, which is when the apartheid ended.

Agenda of the visit to WUT included presentations on:

  • research priorities and organization of scientific research – prepared  by Prof. Rajumnd Bacewicz, The Vice-Dean for Research;
  • internationalization of the university as one of the key strategic aims of WUT – presented by Łukasz Wojdyga, Director of the Centre for International Cooperation;
  • preparation and implementation of studies in English, as experienced by the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology – prepared by Prof. Roman Morawski;
  • experiences of WUT research teams in cooperation  with industry and academic partners from South Africa – discussed by  Prof. Włodzimierz Koczara from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

The delegates had also a chance to hear a presentation by Prof.  Sylwia Sysko-Romańczuk from WUT Business School and lastly to visit Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management  where they were given a short tour by Marcin Postawka, the Deputy Director of the Centre.